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There is a fortune to be earned in the next couple of years in commercial short sales and distressed commercial properties.  We've all heard about and read about and some of us have even experienced what has happened in the residential foreclosure market across the country. What happened in residential now beginning to happen in commercial properties as well.  Values have been slipping for the past couple of years.  Investors in my own town have just picked up a brand new 45,000 SQ FT, 3-Story Office Complex for .30 cents on the dollar.  Most commercial loans are amortized over 15 or 20 years and usually due in 5 years. Our financial challenges started about 4 years ago now and over $500+ Billion in Commercial Properties are just now starting to come due. The equity to refinance these properties, in many cases...just does not exist. To find out how you can take advantage of this huge shift in wealth fill out the form below. I know your time is valuable, I won't waste it.  530-549-4476  Call or Write Now, I will help you set up your investment vehicle so you can take advantage of this huge transfer of wealth.
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