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MCA is a Fast Growing Company since 1926 with over 7 MILLION Members and we are recruiting agents in the USA & Canada.

- Full or Part Time


P/T Make up to $80-$1,120 Weekly
F/T Make up to $1750-$3500+ Weekly
Top Producers Earn $90-$120K Per Year!

Fm: Met Rivers (Head of National Expansion)
Re: Legitamate Opportunity To Earn From Home!

Dear Fellow Entreprenuer,

Welcome to LaptopLoot's Invitation Only Page! This site will give you important information regarding our Internet Based position and will help you with your decision to get started in our rapidly growing company. Face to face marketing is also encouraged.

By following the directions on this site below, you will be able to start working with us today!

No experience necessary, our training will provide everything you need, and you can be online working and making money within the next hour.

This position offers a high payout of 200% commissions and you will be paid WEEKLY via direct deposit or physical check. You can easily earn $80 - $320 or more from each hour of work.



 *MCA Total Security Club! 100 Mile Towing! Legal Benefits! PLUS an ADDITIONAL $50,000 AD&D with Hospital Indemnity and ER Benefits! As a TOTAL SECURITY Member of MCA You Are Covered 24 Hours a Day Whenever You Are Injured In ANY Accident Whether At...

MCA home work play

Available In USA & Canada Only
100% Web-Based & On-Line
Work Anywhere You Have An Internet Connection
No Set Hours - Work Anytime You're Available

You are paid every Friday for everyone who signs up for our Awesome Motor Club membership
on our company website.

That’s it!

No catches whatsoever.

... pestering people with email SPAM
... one of those old "stuffing envelopes" scams
... a "home typist" or "data entry" program
... about risking money on Google Adwords
... about getting paid to take surveys
... a "HYPE" investment scam
... a pyramid or Ponzi scheme
... an illegal chain letter
... selling suspicious low-quality vitamins
... involved in the adult industry in any way
... selling your junk on EBAY
... a gambling or lottery system

You don't need to have or earn any special skills to make this work for you. Our training will teach you everything you need to know to begin working online in the next 2 hours.

Can you point and click?
Type in a web address?
Follow simple step-by-step instructions?
Live in the U.S. or Canada?
Then you have what it takes to work for our online company.

... do NOT need to be a techno-geek
... do NOT need to risk money advertising
... do NOT need to spend weeks studying
... do NOT need to spend a lot of time
... do NOT need to invest a bunch of cash
... do NOT need to host "house parties"
... do NOT need to work when you don't feel like it
... do NOT need to answer to a boss!


Complete Benefits List & Compensation Details Are Available at:
Two smiling people with money floating in air
Company References Available:

 TVC Matrix
3200 W. Wilshire Blvd
OKC, OK 73116

TVC Associate Services (866) 467-2221
Motor Club of America (800) 227-6459 24 Hours/7Days
MCA Business Opportunity Info Hot Line: (712) 432-1085 Pin: 136951 24 Hours/7 Days

Here's What Other Members Have To Say...
I received a call from my business partner not too long ago but I had to rush her off the phone; I had just broken my finger and was on my way to the emergency room. I told her I would call right back, as we had been missing each others phone calls for weeks. Anyway, I finally called her back 4 days later only to discover I had missed out on receiving $500 from MCA! Had I taken her call a few weeks ago I would have been a member and my accident would have been covered. Now I'm telling EVERYONE about MCA! I would not take the chance of them not being covered. After all accidents DO happen. - Leon B., NC
I began this business on Feb, 1 2012. My membership only cost me $39.90 up front and I didnt pay anything extra to become an associate. Since then, I have been sharing these great benefits and wonderful opportunity with everyone I know. I've been GETTING PAID EVERY WEEK without fail. Thanks MCA, you have changed my life. - Rae H., NC
I made a visit to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned; the average cost was $75. I paid $11 with my Dental Discount! Also, I went to Lens Crafters and paid $400 full price (I forgot I had the Vision Discount with MCA). I went back TWO days later and presented my discount card and was totally shocked when I WAS REFUNDED $232 as a part of my discount! - Darryl S., PA
Kevin M., PA - I knew I had to get my tires changed so I purchased some new ones, had them in my car and was on my way to have them changed. Then one of my tires had a blowout and I had no spare. I called MCA and asked specifically for a local towing company. He showed up in 11 minutes with a flat bed and towed the car! Great service and it was all covered by MCA! - Kevin M., PA
I slid the stairs and fell on my hips. I went to the emergency room and waited 4 hours to be seen by a doctor. They took x-rays and the doc gave me Motrin and a cane. I received A $500 CHECK FROM MCA! Thanks MCA! - Deborah M., PA
I ran out of gas and called MCA who arrived in 17 minutes! WOW! - Tracy C., PA

Work Online, NO Cold Calling, Earn Aprox. $500-$3,500+ Per Week. Become A Home Agent And Make A Great Income Online!

Here's What You Need To Do Next...

STEP 1: Go to:

Then CLICK on the third option down "GREEN GO BEST NOW OPTION"
and pay your $39.99 to get your benefits with MCA in place.

TVC to best now

You will receive your welcome package in the mail in about a week. This package includes printed material of all your benefits. (I recommend taking pictures of your package laid out on the table and post that to Facebook)

STEP 2: Enter your personal information and complete your profile (Name, Address, etc.) This is a necessary for the company to know where to send your checks each Friday, and We All Want You To Get Paid!!

You have the ability to change this to direct deposit in your back office if you like. Located in the "Associates Tab".

STEP 3: "MESSAGE ME" on Facebook with your email address so I'll know you're active so that we can talk and put together a sensible game plan for you to make a minimum of $400 from your first weeks efforts. HINT -- (That's just 5 people).

I will also add you to the "invite only" Facebook Groups where we all learn and encourage and suppoort each other. I believe in the online community that we've built together. Also, more importantly - some valuable training under the "Files" tab.

IMPORTANT: If you want a Marketing Sytem (just as you see here), I will personally help you set it up so that you can accelerate your success online.

Simply Enter Your Name And Email Address In The Form Below To Get Started.

For a more detailed look into the MCA please visit my comprehensive review site I did the leg work for you so you don't have to. Read it all here at the above website.

Met Rivers photoMet Rivers

PS. I'm 100% Committed To Your Success, Are You?

PSS. Let's Get To Work!

Skype: met.rivers


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