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Video Is Powerful For Your Business And YouTube Is Not!

Video is one marketing tool no online business can do without. The conversion rate of video media is much higher than the conventional sales page. Video is also a much richer and more versatile media. It is therefore much more effective in getting the sales message across.

Video is so powerful to marketing online that most sales pages online nowadays incorporate video to convey trust through testimonials. In some cases sales pages are totally redone to start off with a video pre-sell that, when done right for the targeted audience, has every potential to vastly outperform traditional sales copy.

So much is the increase in profitability that most registered affiliates are using the video pre-sell method to duplicate the sales pitch of the sales page without stressing the visitor to read through it all.

To incorporate video you normally need video production tools to produce the video, as well as a hosting platform to display the video online. Normal video hosting sites like YouTube just don't do the online business any justice. Often YouTube either deletes videos or prevent the videos from being embedded into a web page for reasons they alone understand.

Imagine launching an ad campaign to your website that features a YouTube embedded video, only to wake up the next morning and find the video isn't displaying anymore as YouTube has removed it. Furthermore, YouTube can display advertising and links to related videos in their video interface that you have absolutely no control over. It simply isn't a professional way to display videos on your website.

Bandwidth usage and the related costs involved with video hosting is not the biggest issue for an online business. Delivering a quality video display that you have full control over is crucial. Video marketing, when done right, will easily cover the expenses in getting it set up right. An absolute bargain would be if you can run your business with a web host that also provides you with proper video hosting. You'll save money while being in full control of your own professional video delivery system...

The above video on this webpage was created by GVO, using their "Easy Video Producer" with web hosting. Notice how there's no annoying ads in the video. And did you also notice that similar videos didn't pop up at the end of the video. Creating your own videos like that will make your presentations look more professional.

Keep pushing forward,
Frank Osorio


PS. I have gotten a few messages on facebook stating that I'm a bad speaker in my video above.
Honestly I don't care, I have to get the word out the best way I can!

I've been a stutterer since a small boy, I've gotten a lot better as the years past.
If I'm not afraid to get in front of a video camera even with my handicap just think
how well you would do.

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